Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fest for the Best!

Where to go? China? Yes you may go there and we can help you get there.

But before you go to China, let us give you some of it. China is one of the world’s first civilization. It is a big country with all the natural resources and developed places. Chinese preserved their culture very well and until now, most of it is practiced by the millenials. Their culture is one of the oldest and this Asian Country governs lots of nationalities with different ways of living and belief. Festivals are the most colorful holidays for Chinese.

Let us Give you 5 of it :

  1. Chinese Spring Festival -  This begins mostly first day of the first month of their Chinese Calendar it is mostly like Christmas to them. This is a celebration were they all get back together as one family and celebrate it with different foods and sweets.

  1. China National Day - October first is their National Day, this is the day to reminisce chinese people heroes. They celebrate it with fireworks, ceremonies and parades.

  1. Qi Xi Festival -  It is an annual celebration of the first meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in one of their myths. This is also the time for the women to pray for a good husband.

  1. Qingming Festival - It is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day which falls from 4th  to 6th April . This times, people offer foods or anything and visit their ancestor’s tomb.

  1. Duanwu Festival - Or most commonly called the Dragon Boat Festival, it's usually the 5th day of the 5th month. They also got dragon boat competitions, even international competitors joins it every year.


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