Monday, September 16, 2019

Spectacular China

China is a strong country, that some other countries will have a good bond with them and never make them an enemy. Having this kind of strength, you will see how the people and the government work to maintain their good position. The economic status of China is well enough to bring more investors and invest in another country at the same time.
Spectacular China

Highlighting the cultural diversity and exploring sights as well as temples, palaces, bright cities and even untouched nature. China has a lot more to offer. But before exploring that, you might as well want to know the things you should check before leaving your homeland. 


Try to check what is the best Month to travel. Because if you are expecting summer and you came in the country during winter, then for sure you gotta need to buy a new set of clothes and all those you packs might be useless.


After you know which is the best season for your trip, it is now time to choose a date and book your reservations. It is important to plan carefully your trip as it you might be missing the best month of traveling. Also when you book early, you will save more money for the tickets and hotel.


You should know which are the important and handy things you will bring. The less and convenient things will be better for your trip. Clothes, some foods just in case you get hungry anytime, but make sure not the raw foods or just cooked foods, otherwise it might get spoiled during the journey. You can take biscuits, water bottle, some snacks. Don’t forget if you have some allergies or unknown allergies you may bring anti-allergies as well or medicine for headache/dizziness.

Once all packed, and you are just waiting for the perfect time then you can now start your China e-visa online. The moment you have all the facts and knowing which one you must apply then you are ready to go. But do note that there are types of China E-visaonline. There is China Tourist visa online and China Business visa. It is important to know all those as your visa depends on the reason for your travel. Either for business purposes like meetings, seminars and etc.

It is better to know the places you should be visiting .Now let us give you 10 of China’s best City to explore:

1.        BEIJING:

Having the Great Wall of China, Beijing was one of the famous cities in the country. As the capital of China, you already know the high economic standard of this city. You might like to visit their Forbidden City that we usually see in movies and webs only. It is your chance to go there and take a selfie from your own camera/phone.


It must be the crowded city in China. It is because of the business industry that keeps growing. Shopping malls everywhere and if you want a cheap quality products you may find it here. We all know that most of the products in the world are made in China. And how much more if you really buy from there. See how much you can actually save. 



This is the largest city in China. Everyone knows Shanghai. If you ever want to visit this city, please don’t miss Oriental Pearl Tower as this is the Shanghai’s landmark with 1535 feet. With the glass floor and perfect view from above, you will be amused on how they make the tower.



Pandas are really popular nowadays. Everyone wants to pet it but it's not possible as they cannot just survive at home in the city only. But since you are traveling to China you might as well not miss your favorite friend. The Giant Panda in Chengdu are the most visited places in the city. 



Ever tried boat drifting? Well you better be at Li River. So you can see the spectacular landscapes beside your journey. You will see wonderful view from the river.


Thousands of tourists come here most of the time to see Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies of Pagode and the Placid lake. Ancient structures are the most attraction for tourism.

7.   LHASA:


The Potala Palace is one prominent site of interest in this city. From the rich Tibetan Culture you can see the unforgettable environment and  the ambiance of old century.

8.   XI’AN:

Xi' AN

 This is City is fond of historical places. All in one city of modernization and culture combined. You can also find The Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses that are worth visiting for.



 The so-called City of Eternal Spring . The great place to see the whole province of Yunnan. The Yuantong Temple is the most popular tourist spot here, as they still got the carved stones all around the area.

10.  HARBIN:


If you are looking for an awesome festival, this is the best city for you. They got Ice Festival highlighted with different colors that are catchy to the eyes especially at night.

If you would imagine being in China, as one of the most influential countries and biggest among others in the world. There are a lot more to find out in China

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Heaven in China

The cycle of life is you live, you die and your soul gets resurrected. It is either you go to heaven or to hell. We don’t actually know what is going to happen after we accomplished being alive. However, there is this belief if you are good enough you will go to heaven. And what does heaven looks like? It's just a matter of foggy place with all the happiness in your heart. But there is this place in China called Temple of Heaven.

A religious building at the Southeastern central Beijing. The Temple of Heaven is annually visited by the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties to hold a mass prayer for good harvest. It is  a majestic at the same time solemn place to come, especially on the time of being lost.
Moving on, the Temple of Heaven was once built at the Forbidden City in 1420 it is an architectural masterpiece.

There are three areas that most people visit in the temple:

  1. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests - It is a ground circular wooden hall with a three tiered roof supported by pillars that most of the prayer for good harvest is said.

  1. The Imperial Vault of Heaven - This is a place or a room for God’s Tablet or Ston scrolls which are used during the prayers for harvest and is surrounded by Echo Wall, Echo Stone and Dialogue Stone.

  1. The Circular Mound Altar - A marble made three layer altars were winter solstice are held and prayers for good weather.

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