Monday, August 26, 2019

Stones Through The Years

Travel to China? How to get there? Can you come without visa? Which place you wanted to go first? 

These are some questions of first time travelers. Well, if you check China E-visa online you may find China Tourist Visa if your purpose is a holiday or vacation only  and China Business Visa Online if you are having a meeting, seminar or business proposal as China has a high Economic stand and most of the investors are in here. The fees, requirements and processing days can be found too. But don’t forget to check if you are eligible to apply or you need to go to the nearest China Embassy.

On the other hand, let us give you concepts and ideas about where to go. Have you heard of The Reed Flute Cave? Or popularly known as The Palace of Natural Arts . It is found in Guilin Guangxi China. It is a natural limestone formed through many years.

The stalagmite and stalactite formations are magnificent with a twist of ink inscriptions from 8th century. If you see it by your naked-eyes you will feel like you are in disney movie as the different light colors made it more eye-catching. 

Inside the Reed Flute Cave, you will see the tower-shaped Pine or the (Ta Song Ao Xue) It looks like a snowman getting ironically getting cold and putting his hands in his pocket.

You may also get the chance to see Crystal Palace which is the biggest part of the cave. Stalactites are hung up in four different directions, under the light effects will look like jumping fish. From Chinese Myths, they believed that in this place  the Monkey King  fought with the underlings of Dragon King to get the Magic Needle to Fix the sea.

This is some of the facts about the Reed Flute Cave that you might as well be interested to come see the formations of nature through the years.

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