Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ethnically Wonderful!

At the Northwest Yunnan Province, you will discover the home for the Naxi and other ethnic minority groups of China. Lijiang which is famous from being acknowledged as a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE. The old town consists of cobblestones streets, canals, with the Central Market Square where you can find different shops and restaurants. It is not that remote place where you cannot get anything, as the years passed by, there are developments.

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In Addition, we may discuss more about Lijiang, the old town but reach in historical traces. There are also attractions offered by the town. The famous Black Dragon pool, there is no literal dragon here but it has a spectacular view of the tallest mountains in the place.

They also have the Jade Dragon Snow , towering over Lijiang . From afar, the clouds above the mountain looks like a white dragon flying over it.

Tiger Leaping Gorge, found at the Jinsha River. This place is considered as one of the deepest canyon river in the world.

Blue Moon Valley, a blue river through the cloudy part of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. A peaceful place to go and soul-search during the time of sorrow.

This is Lijiang, and their culture is where you can learn more about the ethnic groups of China. 

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